Social missions in Web 2.0

first_imgThere are a few journalists whose columns occasionally set off lightbulbs in my head and I think, “They’re on my wavelength!”Anya Kamenetz is one of them. She usually writes for Fast Company.Not too long ago, she did an article about the sharing economy’s impact on workers and asked for my thoughts.Her areas of interest are broad and deep: technology, sustainability, social entrepreneurship and the future of learning. She also has her own newsletter.I thought it would be interesting to turn the tables and see what she thinks about these new economy issues.**Sara Horowitz: With all of the business activity on the sharing/peer part of the economy, I notice some criticisms bubbling up. **There’s the traditional critique from the Left, which is, “What about the workers?”—I’m thinking of your Fast Company article here. And there’s another critique which is, “Where do the profits go?” As in, the profits go back to a small group of owners or investors, instead of going to the people who are on those platforms doing all the “sharing.”Maybe we should be thinking about new types of ownership. I’d love to hear your thoughts on that.The sharing economy lives in the intersection between mission-driven businesses and your typical, successful Internet businesses.Anya Kamenetz: It’s really interesting because I think a lot of the rhetoric around the sharing economy lives in the intersection between mission-driven businesses and your typical, successful Internet businesses.First, there are all these people creating platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and you can get very rich by making that platform, even though the value is created entirely by your users.The sharing economy is a very natural next step in Silicon Valley thinking. You see an “excess in capacity”—in this case, in people’s houses and cars and things like that—and you can create another large successful businesses by saying, “You don’t make the stuff, and you don’t ship the stuff, and you don’t move the stuff around, but what you do is make a place for other people to do those things, and you take your cut, and that’s a really wonderful business idea. “That’s one way of looking at the sharing economy, as the prototypical Web 2.0 success story.Sara: Exactly. And that’s the view that I see most often. But I can’t help taking a different view, which you and I have talked about before.Anya: The other way of looking at the sharing economy is in that tradition of shared value created by the people that are using it. This has political antecedents in co-operatives and unions and anything else that’s not just pure capitalism where the guys at the top get all the benefits.So what happens is that a lot of that feel-good rhetoric from the second sense of the idea gets grafted onto the first sense. And that’s where you’ve got companies like Airbnb, where a lot of the branding is around connecting people, enabling sharing and trust and feeling good.But when it comes to who actually is benefitting, and if this vision of benefits is fair, that remains an open question and varies from instance to instance.Sara: What I find compelling is, what if freelancers got together and started creating their own kinds of businesses. And what if there was some kind of vehicle by which they would not only get paid for the work that they do, but they would also have some sense of shared ownership?That would be the thing to learn from these groups. It would be like if we could get a platform and a cooperative to mate.Anya: It sounds like your question really is, how does a platform “co-operatize” itself, or how does a co-operative “platformize” itself?For this, it’s really interesting to look at open-source software, where we do have examples of collectively created value that is owned cooperatively. But the instances in which they’re successful are pretty small, actually. How does a platform “co-operatize” itself, or how does a co-operative “platformize” itself?There’s Firefox and Linux, open-source and created collectively by a small circle of designers, and then they came to dominate the platform. That doesn’t seem so “mutual.”I don’t know how you get to a situation where the best designers work for that collective, as opposed to just working for a regular startup.Sara: I think it’s because we don’t really have any organizing institutions. Let’s say you start to have institutions like Freelancers Union, or others that are community or nonprofit oriented. They actually can hire or bring together this high-quality group of people, and then you’re using community resources in a smart and organized way. It doesn’t have to be so ad hoc.Anya: You’re talking about aggregating demand on a large scale. And I think we’re seeing kind of isolated instances, like the fast-food workers strikes. Although they’re not represented by a union.Sara: When I think of my favorite time in labor history, it’s probably the 1920s, where these unions put together real business models. They started their own insurance companies, housing and summer vacation places.Those institutions played an anchoring role for the broader economy, and that’s what I’m not seeing here. Where are the actors coming into the market for the benefit of a set group of people?Anya: I read this smart column the other day saying, basically, that income inequality in America is bad for everyone. It’s bad for society, it’s bad for our health, it makes it hard for the economy to recover, and then it makes our cities less good places to live.So these fast-food workers are doing everybody a favor by trying to ask for a raise in wage. It’s not something the companies are going to do on their own. It really takes a group effort to force them to be in that position. That’s something that’s missing right now in the market ecosystem.**Sara: Right. Not to keep bringing up the example of freelancers, but it’s one I know. We set up these medical homes that actually deliver care in the way that people want to get it. But the way that we can do it is because we have enough people in our group. **I’m glad you brought up the idea of an ecosystem. Because I feel like this is like those marshes, where those trees have deep roots and they keep the water in one place. But you need enough trees. If you start removing them, forget it. Flooding.Anya: In the wetlands in Louisiana, where I’m from, they slow down the extremes of tidal movement and mitigate the effects of sudden flooding. And I think that’s kind of what we’re talking about, right? Moderating and mitigating the effects of the “unfettered marketplace,” which is actually a pretty biased marketplace.Sara: So, we just have to figure out how to do that in a human way.(NOTE: Transcipt was edited for clarity and length)last_img read more

NYC Councilman Brad Lander shines a light on #FreelanceIsntFree

first_imgAs freelancing becomes more ubiquitous, representatives at both the national and local levels have started to take note.Urban areas are the latest “test kitchens” for figuring out how to protect independent contractors from a lack of job security, health insurance, paid sick days, on-the-job training, and retirement options – while still allowing independent workers the freedom and flexibility we crave.In shining a light on delivering worker protections and making freelancing more sustainable in the long term, local communities lead the way in enacting change on a larger scale.America’s oldest political magazine, The Nation, invited NYC city councilman Brad Lander to write an essay on progressive urban change as part of the “Cities Rising” series.The series centers on local urban municipalities making change and impacting daily life in a way that big government can’t.Like most city-dwellers, Councilman Lander is no stranger to the convenience the gig economy offers, but he’s quick to point out that the on-demand workforce remains vulnerable.As a first-step toward making the future of freelancing better, Councilman Lander cites his work on the #FreelanceIsntFree campaign.He notes that 8 out of 10 freelance workers report being cheated out of wages they’re owed. And yet, unlike traditional employees, there is little recourse for freelancers to recoup the lost sums.Councilman Lander points out that, ”When conventional employees are cheated out of wages, the state labor department can enforce and win double damages.”The goal of the #FreelanceIsntFree campaign is to provide freelances with similar protections.Read Councilman Lander’s essay here, in which he also cites movements on behalf of independent contractors happening in other urban areas.Ready to be part of the change now?Join the #FreelanceIsntFree Campaign!A new soul and media geek, Laura writes about sustainability, community, poetry and pop culture. Find her @Pennyscientist or on Freelancers Union.last_img read more

How solopreneurs can be inspired leaders

first_imgNovember’s SPARK event focused on helping you build an inspired business.Along with Freelancers Union, Laurie Gerber of Handel Group co-facilated a dynamic Manhattan SPARK workshop to motivate freelancers to discover their true mission and become inspired business leaders. Freelancers met in 18 cities across the United States and helped one another dream big and then focus the vision.Did you miss the fun on November 4? Never fear: Laurie Gerber recaps the content here.Don’t forget to put next month’s SPARK on your calendar:RSVP: SPARK December 2:** How to cultivate successful client relationships**As a freelancer, you’re not just the CEO of the business.You are also the secretary, accountant, salesperson, copywriter, PR agent, and intern too! With all those responsibilities to manage every day, it can be easy to get distracted and disconnected from your most important responsibility – your mission!If you want to lead this mission in a most effective way, the best thing you can do for yourself is..Think from a leadership perspective!The CEO of your business (you) would make very different decisions than the intern (also you) who mails out packages, right?Thinking about your freelance career from a leadership perspective can help you tap into your bigger dream, refocus your energy, and organize all the moving parts that keep your business inspired and thriving.At a recent Spark event, we discussed the most important characteristics of leadership. I want to expand on these and add others for your consideration.You’re an inspired leader when …1. You’ve got a clear vision for your businessThe intern in you can get lost in the details, emails, invoices, day-to-day tasks, etc. But your inner CEO is focused on the bigger picture, the mission for the business.Physically writing out your mission is a powerful exercise and one you should do with a mentor, buddy or coach.Staying connected to this overall vision is what will ultimately drive your success, especially during slow months or difficult transitions.You can ask yourself this question to get you thinking in an inspired way: If you were on your deathbed, what would you want to leave behind, better than you found it, because of the work you did? This will likely help you connect with the “why” of your business.2. You Walk Your Talk. And Talk, And Talk.So much business is happening now digitally and socially. You differentiate yourself by being known for who you really are.Transparency is a must, now that so much information about us is available online. Why not control the discourse and present yourself as who you really are, warts and all!An inspired freelancer engages his/her community with the truth – posting his/her latest project to social media, attending a Freelancer Spark event, taking notes and writing a follow up blog.These days loyalty to a brand or practitioner is engendered by personal connection. If your client feels connected, if they’ve been through something with you, they want to STAY with you.Relating is huge, so don’t just brag and sell to your client – share your personal stories of trial and error, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. This can be scary at first but it pays off.And fear isn’t necessarily a bad thing…3. You take risksStepping outside your comfort zone and taking risks can be terrifying when your butt is the only one on the line, but it’s essential for business (and personal) growth.Thankfully, the way you think about risks will radically affect the results you get. Your inner dialogue can be a source of encouragement or the saboteur of your best intentions.Why not change your mind about fear and decide that taking risks is actually your job? Embrace them! Catch your inner chicken at play!My policy is to be scared at least once a day, so I know I’m really pushing myself for my mission. See how I reframed risk? It’s something I am chasing (within reason!) not allowing IT to spook me.4. You manage your mindBehind all the results you’re getting in your business are your actions – what you do, what you don’t do, and how you do it. But actions are not the only source of your results.Your thoughts are actually the boss. Your ongoing inner dialogue is actually what calls most of the actions or inactions you choose. It’s time to study this invisible but crucial factor in your business.You can do a simple practice of free writing each morning about what’s on your mind and then a quick mental check on your inner dialogue – we call this a purge. It catches all the negative and positive thoughts you’re running, and helps you sort out which ones you want to tune into and which you want to tune out.Internal statements such as, it’s a bad economy or I didn’t have enough time or they were difficult clients … will no longer sound helpful to you.You can also decide to start thinking different thoughts, like: success is coming or when I am brave I am rewarded – and then seek evidence to prove those theories true.Once you realize how much your mind has been taking you down, you can take back over. You are the boss of your actions for sure, but you’re also the boss of your mind. Thank goodness.Freelancers: you can acquire and master these skills!When you lock into your mission, be yourself, take risks, and manage your mind, you show up in the world a cut above the rest.People will notice something different about you and be attracted.If this list speaks to you and you’re ready to seriously step up to the plate of your freelance career (or any area of your life you want to be a leader), I teach a weekend course called Design Your Life, which can introduce you to a new way of thinking and a simple method you can use to dramatically change or upgrade any area of your life.Our next Design Your Life Weekends are in LA and NYC this December. Members of the Freelancers Union get 10% off! Use promo code: DYLWFRU10 upon sign up. Want to learn more? Sign up for a Free 30 Minute Coaching Call and see how it works!Laurie Gerber is Co-President at Handel Group®, an international corporate consulting and private coaching company. With over 20 years of experience,Handel Group specializes in bringing dreams to fruition through focused and powerful action in any area of life, personal or professional. For more information, visit read more

5 common writers’ blocks and how to get around them

first_imgEvery writer knows the story: You’re on an incredibly tight deadline but you cannot move forward on your piece because you have writer’s block. The stress is getting to you, which only makes it worse. Before you know it, you’re in a shame spiral of doom and gloom.The end of this story depends entirely on you – but like all stories, the only way to get to it is to write your way out.Here are 5 common writers’ blocks and solutions for getting around them:Every writer knows the story: You’re on an incredibly tight deadline but you cannot move forward on your piece because you have writer’s block. The stress is getting to you, which only makes it worse. Before you know it, you’re in a shame spiral of doom and gloom.The end of this story depends entirely on you – but like all stories, the only way to get to it is to write your way out.Here are 5 common writers’ blocks and solutions for getting around them:1. You have no ideasProblem: Staring at a blank screen or paper just will not help; neither will start to write something and then constantly deleting it because it doesn’t work.Solution: Think outside the screen. Jumpstart your creative juices with a quick walk, some house cleaning, or – when you need to bring in the big guns – a hot shower. Allow your mind to relax; the ideas will follow.2. You have too many ideasProblem: You just cannot commit to one idea and have ideas in all sorts of possible directions.Solution: For the sake of sanity, write down all the ideas on a piece of paper. Review all the ideas and begin to link one or two ideas as concepts. Start writing and allow the flow to create a logical conclusion. Any ideas that did not make it to this particular piece can be integrated into another piece of prose at a later date!3. You’re paralyzed with perfectionismProblem: While we all strive for perfection, perfectionism creates paralysis and self-doubt that leads to creative blocks.Solution: Get messy. Give yourself free reign to write and save the self-criticism for the editing phase. Journaling every day is a great way to get comfortable with messiness and knock the debris out of your mind.4. You are stuck in the middleProblem: You’re stuck at one point and you can’t move forward.Solution: Consider going slightly off-target or restructuring your piece. Sometimes a midway block indicates that you’re getting to the true meat of your work – ask yourself if you’ve buried the lede, or harken back to your thesis statement. This is another good opportunity to take a break and shake the cobwebs loose before trying again.5. You can’t find the right wordsProblem: You know what you want to say, but you can’t find the right words to deliver your message. This could be due to space constraints, style guidelines or just pure writerly intuition.Solution: First write down the idea or thought then work on getting the right words. Break out the thesaurus too. It is easier to have the idea right in front of you and then craft the perfect sentence.last_img read more

Only T20I: Virat Kohli, Manish Pandey blow away Sri Lanka to complete 9-0 tourwash

first_imgA merciless India subjected Sri Lanka to a tour whitewash after fifties from skipper Virat Kohli and Manish Pandey secured their seven-wicket victory in the one-off Twenty20 International on Wednesday.Whitewashed in the three-Test series and blanked 5-0 in the preceding one-dayers, Sri Lanka posted 170-7, a total they hoped would be enough to end the string of losses which has enraged their fans and prompted the selectors to resign en masse.There was no respite for them, however, as Kohli blasted 82 and Manish Pandey smashed 51 not out to help India romp home with four balls to spare.WATCH FULL VIDEOEarlier, Dilshan Munaweera clobbered four sixes in his 29-ball 53 and Ashan Priyanjan, playing his first Twenty20 International, chipped in with a run-a-ball 40 not out to help the hosts post a competitive total after being put in.India’s spin duo of Yuzvendra Chahal (3-43) and Kuldeep Yadav (2-20) shared five wickets between them to restrict Sri Lanka to just under the 175-mark.Kohli has built up a formidable batting reputation while chasing and the India captain once again came up with a 54-ball masterclass, hitting seven boundaries and a six, to anchor India’s chase.India needed 10 runs to win when Kohli eventually fell in the penultimate over and Pandey sealed victory with a boundary which also brought up his fifty.last_img read more

La Liga: Antoine Griezmann gives Atletico Madrid win in first match at new home

first_imgAtletico Madrid debuted its new stadium and beat Malaga 1-0 in the La Liga on Saturday. Antoine Griezmann scored the first goal at the state-of-the-art Wanda Metropolitano.The nearly 68,000 fans at the inaugural match in the stadium on the outskirts of the Spanish capital erupted when Griezmann converted a low cross by Angel Correa from the right an hour in.”I’m proud to have written my name in the history of the stadium and in the history of the club,” Griezmann said. “Hopefully there will be many more goals like this in this stadium.”The victory capped a day of festivities celebrating the stadium’s opening game, attended by King Felipe VI. Afterward, players went around the field greeting the fans in the stands. A show with fireworks and music ensued.We’ll never forget this night. While others sleep, we dream. #AºpaAtleti Atltico de Madrid (@atletienglish) September 17, 2017″I’ve never seen anything like this as a player or a coach,” Atletico coach Diego Simeone said. “With all the flags flying at the same time, the fans were really into it, as if they wanted to be playing. It was moving.”Atletico moved to within four points of Barcelona, which came from behind to defeat Getafe 2-1 and stay perfect after four matches.Second-place Real Sociedad, the only other team which entered the weekend with a perfect record, hosts defending champion Real Madrid on Sunday. Madrid is in 11th place, seven points behind Barcelona.Malaga, which has lost all of its matches, dropped to last in the 20-team standings.advertisementAtletico played its first three games away so there was enough time to get everything ready for the inaugural match.”It had the feeling of a final,” Atletico striker Fernando Torres said. “As we started hearing the fans chanting our songs, we started seeing the stadium as our own. Everything is better when you win. We started with the right foot.”It moved into its new home after more than 50 years at Vicente Calderon Stadium, which was beloved by its fans and produced one of the greatest atmospheres in soccer.The crowd was still loud at Wanda Metropolitano, which offered lot more comfort and luxury.The stadium is named after the team’s old Estadio Metropolitano and the Chinese company which has a stake in the club. It is the club’s fifth stadium in its 114-year history. The 240 million euro ($286 million) venue is filled with references to the team’s rich history, including its past stadiums and great players.?? TIME LAPSE This is how our fans filled up the Wanda @MetropolitanoThanks for the support, Atltico fans! ?????????#AºpaAtleti #AtletiMlaga Atltico de Madrid (@atletienglish) September 16, 2017last_img read more

2018 Winter Olympics: No medals but plenty of cheers for North Korean athletes

first_imgNorth Korea may leave the Pyeongchang Olympics without a medal, but their athletes have earned rousing cheers wherever they go.When 25-year-old alpine skier Kim Ryon Hyang glided down the mountain in the women’s slalom to take last place, North Korean cheerleaders led the crowd in a warm ovation.The diminutive Kim beamed after the race, taking photos with fans and waving excitedly to the crowd. (Also read: African and South American athletes leave their mark at 2018 Winter Olympics)The cheerleaders, outnumbering the nation’s athletic team by 10 to one, have been a fixture wherever North Korea’s 22 athletes have competed.They were particularly vocal when North Korean players joined South Koreans in a unified women’s ice hockey team, the first joint North-South team to compete at any Olympics.The team’s head coach, Canadian Sarah Murray, played six of the 12 North Korean players in all five games. Only one, Kim Un Hyang, played in every one.Figure skating pair Ryom Tae Ok and Kim Ju Sik, the only North Koreans to qualify for the Games, were the nation’s best hope. The others were given wildcard entries, part of South Korea’s diplomatic efforts to re-engage with the North.The pair ranked 13th out of 16 teams, outperforming South Korean pair Kim Kyu-eun and Kam Alex Kang-chan.”There remains lots of things to do … It seems that we still lack experience and guts. We will do better,” Kim Ju Sik told reporters.North Korea came into the Games with another big handicap: some of the world’s toughest international sanctions.advertisementUnable to obtain their own state-of-the-art sporting equipment, they borrowed it from world skiing, skating and ice hockey federations — on the condition they return it before heading home.(With Reuters inputs)last_img read more

Before Sridevi’s funeral: Fans pay last respects to their beloved Chandni

first_imgThe time has come, to bid farewell to India’s first female superstar, as she is often called.Legendary actress Sridevi, who had a cinematic career spanning almost five decades, had acted in Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu films. She was not just famous in India, but was also known in other countries as well. She breathed her last in Dubai, on February 24.The actress is survived by her husband, Boney Kapoor, and two daughters, Janhvi and Khushi Kapoor.HOME, FOR THE LAST TIMESridevi’s mortal remains were flown back from Dubai to Mumbai, last night. Her fans had been waiting to catch a glimpse of her, ever since the news broke of her passing. Boney Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor brought her home. Actor Anil Kapoor, Sridevi’s brother-in-law, had gone to the airport, to receive them.Hundreds of fans waited outside Sridevi’s Green Acres residence, in Andheri Mumbai, as the ambulance drove in from the airport.Other celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna have been visiting Anil Kapoor’s residence, to offer their condolences to the bereaved family.PAY YOUR TRIBUTE TO SRIDEVI HERESRIDEVI’S FUNERALThe Kapoor family today issued a statement thanking “the film fraternity, media, fans of late Sridevi Kapoor and all the well-wishers for their prayers, support and sensitivity during our moment of immense grief”. “We request you to kindly join us in paying our last respect to a remarkable actor, beloved wife and loving mother,” read the statement. The obituaryToday, her fans will be able to pay their last respects from 9.30am to 12.30pm at the Celebration Sports Club, where Sridevi’s body will be kept. The superstar’s last journey will then commence, from the Celebration Sports Club to the Seva Samaj Crematorium in Vile Parle, Mumbai. Her funeral is to take place from 3.30pm to 5pm.DEATH IN DUBAISridevi took off to Dubai along with husband Boney Kapoor and younger daughter Khushi on February 18, to attend Kapoor’s nephew and actor Mohit Marwah’s wedding with Antara Motiwala.The festivities in UAE were over on February 20, and Boney and Khushi returned to India the next day, while Sridevi extended her trip by a few days. She had to shop for elder daughter Janhvi, who stayed back in Mumbai, as she was busy with her film, Dhadak.On February 24, Boney Kapoor flew back to Dubai to ‘surprise her’. When Boney reached the hotel, around 5.30pm on Saturday, he and Sridevi had a brief conversation, and he asked the actress for dinner, said reports in local media.When Sridevi went to the washroom to freshen up and there was no response from her even after 15 minutes, Boney forced open the door, and found her unconscious in the bathtub. He then tried to revive her, failing which, he called a friend. This was around 6pm. They then informed the police, at 9pm.Initially it was believed that Sridevi had succumbed to a massive cardiac arrest. On Saturday night, her brother-in-law Sanjay Kapoor told the media that Sridevi had passed away following a cardiac arrest. However, her death certificate, that was issued Monday afternoon, said that the cause of death was “accidental drowning”.Gulf News also said that according to the autopsy report, there were traces of alcohol in Sridevi’s body and that she lost her balance and fell into the bathtub and drowned.WHY IT TOOK SO LONGThe Dubai Police and the Dubai Public Prosecution conducted separate, independent investigations. There were several unanswered questions that the Prosecution needed answers to before they could issue the letters of release to the Indian Consulate and Sridevi’s family members.In the UAE, it usually takes about two-three days for the process of repatriation to be over in cases like this, where the death has occurred outside a hospital. Sridevi was declared ‘brought dead’ by the hospital.India’s Ambassador to the UAE, Navdeep Singh Suri, stressed on the fact several times in his tweets and statements to the media, “The media interest in untimely demise of #Sridevi is understandable. But the frenzy of speculation does not help. Imp to note that:1. We are working with local authorities to ensure that mortal remains can be sent to India at the earliest. We are on the job.2. We are in regular contact with the family of #Sridevi and other well- wishers. We share their pain.3. Our experience in similar cases tells us that it does take 2-3 days to complete processes4. We leave it to the experts to determine cause of demiseLet’s be responsible.”As a country waited for answers, authorities in Dubai declared on Tuesday afternoon that Sridevi’s death case was closed.advertisementadvertisementALSO SEE: Sridevi died of accidental drowning, says death certificateALSO SEE: Farewell, Meri Chandni: Sridevi in small-town IndiaALSO SEE| RIP Sridevi: Katrina Kaif, Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna at Anil Kapoor’s residenceALSO SEE| I saw Sridevi serving tea like an ordinary housewife: Ram Gopal Varma on why he hated Boney KapoorALSO WATCH: Sridevi hugs Boney Kapoor in her last video from Mohit Marwah weddinglast_img read more

Couldnt have sticked to television just for money, says Ronit Roy

first_imgMumbai, Mar 20 (PTI) He was the highest paid actor on television, but Ronit Roy decided to “forego” his TV star status due to the dearth of well-written characters. The actor says getting away from the small screen did cause him a lot of “grief and pain”, but he had reached a point in his career where he could not have imagined to compromise with his choices.”TV is like a mother to me, it gave me a second birth as an actor. But there came a point where I said I love my art and craft so much that I cant be just keep doing it for money. I was the highest paid actor on TV, travelling in business class, staying in luxury hotels… But one had to forego all that,” he told PTI. In the initial days of his career, Ronit appeared in films like “Jaan Tere Naam”, Ajay Devgn-starrer “Hulchul”, “Army” with Sridevi among others.But later, he turned towards TV and became a prominent face of popular shows like “Kasautii Zindagii Kay” and “Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi”.He, however, distanced himself from daily soaps and tried to revive his film career with movies like “Udaan”, “Shootout at Wadala”, “2 States”, “Ugly”, “Kaabil”. His performance in the films were appreciated by both critics and the audiences.”Not doing TV came with its share of grief and pain. I was like, now what, how to pay the EMIs? But it came to a point where I went What do you have for me? because I am not going to do what I did 10 years back,” he adds.advertisementAfter making his mark in television and movies, Ronit is now exploring the digital medium with ALT Balajis Original “Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain”.Talking about his role in the series, the 52-year-old actor says, “The basis of the show is infidelity, but it isnt (only) about that. It is about what happens when a key person in a structure decides to step out of it. During mid-life crisis, some people find their solace in sports cars, meditation, travelling, or, sometimes, in another person. What happens then, if you are married?”.The show, which also features Mona Singh and Gurdeep Kohli, started streaming on the ALTBalaji last week. PTI JUR SHD SHDlast_img read more

Nidahas Trophy: Washington Sundar highlights India’s big positives in Sri Lanka

first_imgTeam India came out victorious from the Nidahas Trophy having clinched the T20 tri-series title after registering a thrilling win over Bangladesh in the final on Sunday.Rohit Sharma led an inexperienced and young team to glory proving to the world that India’s future stars have all the right ingredients to be successful in the days to come.With Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Jasprit Bumrah and Hardik Pandya rested for the tri-series, the responsibility of guiding the team lay solely on the shoulders of Rohit, Shikhar Dhawan and Suresh Raina, three of the most experienced limited-overs batsmen in the country.(T20I rankings: Yuzvendra Chahal jumps to No.2, Washington Sundar gains 151 places)But the young guns took the major burden off their shoulders and chipped in with useful contributions throughout the tournament to help India come out on top.With the team coming back to India after a successful campaign, lets take a look at the positives which came out for the Men in Blue from the Nidahas Trophy:WASHINGTON SUNDAR’S PERFORMANCE Washington Sundar picked up 8 wickets in the Nidahas Trophy (@BCCI Photo)When Ravichandran Ashwin was a part of the limited-overs setup he would on many occasions open the attack for India especially in the T20 format under skipper MS Dhoni and sometimes even under Virat Kohli.That same role was given to off-spinner Washington Sundar and the 18-year-old performed brilliantly in his new role.Sundar picked up 8 wickets in five matches ending up as the joint-highest wicket-taker in the series along with his spin-bowling partner and limited-overs specialist Yuzvendra Chahal.advertisementBarring the 2nd T20I against Bangladesh in which he went wicketless, Sundar managed to dismiss one of the top-three batsmen in the opposition in every game after he was introduced in the powerplay overs.Sundar’s best bowling figures of 3 for 22 came in the 5th game against Bangladesh which helped India win by 17 runs and reach the final of the tri-series.DINESH KARTHIK’S FINISHING ABILITIES Dinesh Karthik’s whirlwind knock helped India beat Bangladesh in the Nidahas Trophy final (@BCCI Photo)Dinesh Karthik has been playing international cricket for the last 14 years but he is still fighting for a permanent spot in the Indian team.Karthik has played 23 Tests, 79 ODIs and 19 T20Is for India since his debut in September 2004, but it was only in his last match that the world stood up and took notice of his talent.Karthik’s now famous last-ball six against Soumya Sarkar in the Nidahas Trophy final is being played over and over again now along with the previous 7 balls he faced in his whirlwind knock which helped India clinch victory from the jaws of defeat.The 32-year-old’s unbeaten 29 from 8 balls broke the hearts of Bangladesh but brought the entire Premadasa stadium on its feet with even Sri Lankan fans celebrating India’s victory.This innings will surely help Karthik now in cementing his place in the Indian middle-order which desperately needs a dependable batsman who can single handedly win matches and provide solidity to the batting lineup.Karthik though, will have competition from Manish Pandey, who has been in tremendous form and scored consistently since the South Africa tour last month. With Rishabh Pant failing to impress once again and Karthik also performing well with the gloves behind the stumps, he is now surely the top contender to be Dhoni’s backup in the limited-overs team or can play purely as a batsman.ROHIT SHARMA BACK IN FORM Rohit Sharma hit two fifties in the Nidahas Trophy (@BCCI Photo)India’s stand-in skipper Rohit Sharma had been woefully out of form since the beginning of this year starting from the South Africa tour.After a stellar performance last year which saw him amass 1293 runs in 21 ODIs and 217 runs in the 2 Tests he played, Rohit began the new year with scores of 11, 10, 10 and 47 in the first two Tests against South Africa before being dropped for the third game at Johannesburg.Rohit’s struggles continued in the subsequent 6 ODIs and 3 T20Is against the Proteas where he could only manage 170 and 32 runs respectively with just one hundred on the entire tour.Even in the first three matches of the Nidahas Trophy Rohit scored a duck, 17 and 11 runs. But as is the case with Rohit, he doesn’t really stay out of form for too long and needs just one good knock to turn the tide in his favour.The 5th match against Bangladesh saw Rohit lead from the front and smash 89 from 61 balls with five fours and as many sixes. The knock helped him get his mojo back and he followed it up with a half-century in the final which turned out to be crucial in India’s successful run-chase apart from Karthik’s cameo at the end.advertisementALL-ROUNDER VIJAY SHANKAR’S IMPRESSIVE BOWLING Vijay Shankar bowled economically in the Nidahas Trophy (@BCCI Photo)Vijay Shankar is a bright prospect for India just like Hardik Pandya. But where Shankar is different is that he is more of a bowling all-rounder whereas Pandya is a batting all-rounder.Shankar was super impressive with the ball and although he only picked up 3 wickets in five games, it was his control and economy rate which helped India dry up the runs in the middle overs.For some weird reason India tried to test out Shankar’s batting in the final when they were struggling to get the big hits and the Tamil Nadu batsman struggled big time playing his first international innings.Shankar could hardly put bat to ball during his 19-ball stay but thankfully scored a crucial boundary in the final over before being dismissed on 17. Any youngster would have struggled at that stage and one failure should not concern Shankar too much because he is immensely talented and could be crucial for India in limited-overs cricket in future.INDIA’S FUTURE IN GOOD HANDSIndia looked at the Nidahas Trophy to test its bench-strength and it must be said that the players more than lived up to expectations.With Kohli, Dhoni and the likes missing from the squad, players like Sundar, Shankar, Shardul Thakur and Jaydev Unadkat stepped up and performed well throughout the tri-series.The future is in safe hands at the moment as India even with its A squad, managed to outclass Sri Lanka and Bangladesh who were playing with full-strength teams.The young guns made the seniors proud with current skipper Virat Kohli leading the tributes for the team after their win on Sunday.India had a few bits and pieces to solve with its limited-overs team and the Nidahas Trophy proved to be the perfect solution to its problems. The 2019 World Cup is just over a year away and Team India now just needs to find the right balance before taking the flight to England next year.ALSO WATCH:last_img read more

Watch how Rajasthan Royals players passed the time as rain frustrated Feroz Shah Kotla

first_imgRajasthan Royals players were seen participating in ‘flip the bottle’ challenge as thunderstorms delayed the start of their match versus Delhi Daredevils at the Feroz Shah Kotla on Tuesday.IPL 2018’s most expensive Indian purchase Jaydev Undakat was accompanied by Anureet Singh and others as they killed time on the sidelines of the field, waiting for the match to start.However, their wait was finally cut short when the rain stopped and the umpires inspected the around 21:10 IST and decided to go ahead with a 18-overs a-side game. Earlier, Ainkya Rahane had won the toss and decided that the Rajasthan Royals will bowl versus the home side.When rain plays spoil sport, you switch to flip the bottle challenge.#DDvRR #VIVOIPL (@IPL) May 2, 2018Shahbaz Nadeem had come in for Rahul Tewatia for Delhi while Rajasthan have replaced Ish Sodhi, Mahipal Lomror with D ‘Arcy Short and Shreyas Gopal for the all-important encounter for both the sides.Delhi will have to win as they fight to keep their play-off hopes alive while Rajasthan will look to stay on Kolkata Knight Riders’ heels for a fourth spot.After the resignation of Gautam Gambhir, the struggling Daredevils, under new skipper Shreyas Iyer received a ray of hope when he blasted a 40-ball 93 to power Delhi to a 55-run win over KKR.But Monday’s 13-run loss to Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in Pune almost dashed all hopes of a comeback as Delhi succumbed to their sixth loss in eight games and now need to win all their remaining matches to salvage any hopes of staying alive in the tournament.advertisementOn the other hand, Rajasthan have experienced a topsy-turvy campaign and find themselves on fifth in the table with six points from seven matches.In their previous match, Rajasthan fell short of Sunrisers Hyderabad’s modest target of 152 by 11 runs. It was despite Rahane scoring a 65 and young Snaju Samson hitting a 40 as they didn’t get support from other batsman.last_img read more

Maria Sharapova’s book was ‘100 per cent hearsay’, says Serena Williams

first_imgSerena Williams hit out at Maria Sharapova’s book ‘Unstoppable’ just ahead of their French Open last 16 clash in Paris on Monday.Sharapova released her book in September 2017 where she had written that Serena “hated” her because she had heard her cry after 2004 Wimbledon final.Serena, however, completely denied that and said all the “quotes” she read, it was a “little bit disappointing”.”I think the book was 100 percent hearsay, at least all the stuff I read and the quotes that I read, which was a little bit disappointing,” said Williams after third-round win on Saturday.”I have cried in the locker room many times after a loss, and that’s what I have seen a lot of people do. I think it’s normal.”It’s a Wimbledon final, you know. So it’s just, like, I think it would be more shocking if I wasn’t in tears…” Williams added.She further said that the book was so much about her instead of Sharapova and she was actually surprised by it. On top of that, she said, that it “wasn’t necessarily true”.”The book was a lot about me. I was surprised about that, to be honest. You know, I was, like, ‘oh, okay. I didn’t expect to be reading a book about me, that wasn’t necessarily true’,” Williams spoke.Serena and Sharapova will go head to head in the Round of 16 after the former beat Julia Goerges 6-3, 6-4 after Sharapova had thumped sixth seed Karolina Pliskova 6-2, 6-1.While Sharapova displayed some of her best tennis on Saturday, Serena is still making a comeback after taking a one-year break from the game to give birth to her daughter Alexis Olympia.advertisementGoing by the history though, Serena has a 19-2 record advantage over Sharapova with her two losses coming way back in 2004. Serena has won the last 18 matches between the two.Serena, though, called Sharapova as the favourite for the match on Monday saying “she’s been playing for over a year now”.”Quite frankly, she’s probably a favourite in this match, for sure,” added Serena.”She’s been playing for over a year now. I just started. So I’m just really trying to get my bearings and trying to feel out where I am and see where I can go,” Serena stated.’ALWAYS LOOK FORWARD TO COMPETING AGAINST THE BEST PLAYER’Sharapova and Serena’s rivalry goes back to the time when the former registered a shock victory over the latter as a 17-year-old at Wimbledon 2004. Since then though, Sharapova has largely failed to down Serena.In her last 18 straight losses to Serena, Sharapova has been able to take only three sets off her.”Any time you play against Serena you know what you’re up against,” said the 31-year-old.”You know the challenge that is upon you. You know, despite the record that I have against her, I always look forward to coming out on the court and competing against the best player.”I think there is a lot of things in her game that she’s done much better than I have… Numbers don’t lie.”For all the bad blood between the two, Sharapova did mention in her book that some day “may be we’ll become friends”, perhaps when the on-court battles are over.”Serena and I should be friends; we have the same passion. But we are not. I think, to some extent, we have driven each other. Maybe that’s what it takes,” she wrote.”Only when you have that intense antagonism can you find the strength to finish her off. Who knows? Some day, when all this is in our past, maybe we’ll become friends.”last_img read more

Hry police arrest 7 for looting truck loaded with Amazon parcels

first_imgChandigarh, Jun 13 (PTI) The Haryana Police have arrested seven people for allegedly looting parcels, worth lakhs of rupees, of a major e-commerce company from a truck in Faridabad.The truck containing parcels of Amazon was on its way from a godown in Faridabad to Gurugram when the incident took place, a police spokesman said here today.He said that some of the stolen articles, including eight mobile phones, mobile tempered glass, two pairs of men sports shoes, a set of earphones, a laptop bag, a mobile phone and a sewing machine, were recovered from the accused.The accused hail from Faridabad, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi, he said.The accused stopped the truck in the Saran area of Faridabad yesterday and abducted the driver. They left him at a bypass road in Ballabhgarh, the spokesman said.Two accused fled with the loaded truck, stole all the articles and left the truck at an isolated place in the Sector 31 police station area, he said.The spokesman said that a case was registered at Saran police station. He said that a team of the Crime Branch, Faridabad, on getting a tip off, had arrested all seven accused. PTI SUN ANBANBlast_img read more

ED Joint Director makes scathing attack on Revenue Secretary

first_img(Eds: Adding comments from Finance Ministry. Further details)New Delhi, Jun 27 (PTI) A joint director of the Enforcement Directorate, who probed the 2G scam and Aircel Maxis case, has made a scathing attack on Revenue Secretary Hasmukh Adhia questioning him if he has developed animosity against him by “siding with scamsters and their affiliates”.In his letter dated June 11, 2018 forwarded to the Revenue Secretary by ED Director Karnal Singh, Joint Director Rajeshwar Singh asked a series of uncomfortable questions from Adhia ranging from ignoring his promotion, “compromising National security”, set scores on an ego trip among others.Meanwhile, sources in the finance ministry said charges levelled by Rajeshwar Singh against the Revenue Secretary are absolutely baseless.The letter became public through informal channels after Supreme Court today told the government that it was free to look into the “serious” allegations against Singh apparently withdrawing the immunity from probe given by it to the officer earlier.The Supreme Court’s observations came after the counsel of central government submitted a secret report in sealed cover apparently carrying details of a phone call received by Singh from Dubai.The Central government also told the court that it was open for investigations of allegations against Singh.While Adhia did not reply to messages sent to him seeking comments, sources in the finance ministry said charges levelled by Singh against the Revenue Secretary are absolutely baseless.”The officer of ED who is under a cloud, as acknowledged by Supreme Court also, is now trying to make undue allegations just to save his skin. If he is a clean officer why is there a need for him to worry? Let independent inquiry prove so,” a source said.advertisementThe source said as the court has taken cognisance of the facts, let an independent inquiry/ investigation be done.”If he is clear and transparent then he should not worry about these things,” the source said.”The wild allegations of harassment and denial of his due promotion are baseless. From time to time appropriate action with regard to promotion has been taken as per rule. The government will go within the scope of the law and as per court’s order,” he said.However, the Enforcement Directorate, an agency under the Finance Ministry, issued a formal statement in support of its Joint Director saying he is a responsible officer with outstanding career records.In its statement, the Directorate said, To put the record straight Dr Rajeshwar Singh received a call in 2016 from a person based out of Dubai who gave important information regarding a case being investigated by the Enforcement Directorate.Dr Rajeshwar Singh passed on this information to the Directorate and the same was used in the investigation of the case. It is important to note that he received only one call and that too it was an incoming call from this person in Dubai, the agency said.Singh, a UP police officer had joined the directorate on deputation, today went on leave as the “atmosphere against him was hostile”, sources close to him said. The Supreme Court maintained that the Centre was free to look into the “serious” charges against ED officer Rajeshwar Singh, probing the “highly sensitive” 2G spectrum allocation scam cases including the Aircel-Maxis deal. “You are simply an officer. You can’t be given a blanket clean chit. Everybody is accountable. You must be accountable for any action. We need to ensure that you are accountable. We don’t want to damage you or comment against you. There are very serious allegations against you,” the Bench of Justices Arun Mishra and S K Kaul told the officer.In the letter to Adhia, Rajeshwar Singh has said, “It pained me further that you have expressed many a times to senior officers over casual conversations that I have been manipulating the judiciary, especially the Supreme Court of India.” “It is strange and also unbelievable that after so may years in public service, you believe that so many judges can be manipulated and that too over such a long period of time,” he said. The officer said journalist Rai, who was intimidating him and leading malicious campaign against him, his investigations and his office, has access to corridors of power in the Finance Ministry. “Your silence on this issue is misunderstood by many to be your implicit support for the fixers of his ilk to demonise officers who believe in their convictions,” he said.He said former finance minister P Chidambaram sported an open and direct grudge against him because of Supreme Court monitored Aircel-Maxis investigation.advertisement “However, what thoroughly baffles the undersigned, is the animosity you have fashioned against me by siding with scamsters and their affiliates in a sustained manner. It has become more than difficult for me to survive this continued onslaught and persistent vilification from all the quarters for doing my job,” he said. Singh alleged his promotion became due from April 1, 2017 but it has not yet been processed in the ministry as officers close to Adhia are raking up complaints, levelled by journalist Upendra Rai, against him in the Central Vigilance Commission. I am astutely aware that this is being done to not just humiliate me but also to ensure that the investigation in certain crucial cases I handle, ought to derail. May I beg to ask if you are compromising on larger aspects of our national interest to set scores on an ego trip that is absolutely uncontested from my side, he said. PTI NES/ABS JD ANZ SKL DIP DIPlast_img read more

For the First Time, GHG Protocol to help Brazil Measure Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Agriculture

first_imgThis work began in order to provide technical assistance to Rio so that it could better measure emissions in order to reduce its GHG emissions 20 percent by 2020, a target established by the municipal climate change law. With GHG Protocol’s assistance, Rio completed its base-year GHG inventory with clear distinctions between direct and indirect emissions (see box). This inventory now serves as the basis for formulating the Rio de Janeiro Low Carbon City Development Program, a city-wide initiative to mitigate climate change. The GHG Protocol is also expanding its Brazilian work to the city of Sao Paulo, which will road test the GPC pilot version and make improvements to the document so that it better fits the specific circumstances of each city.Plans for the FutureRio+20 is an important opportunity to reflect on our work in Brazil, but it’s only the beginning. As one of the world’s fastest-growing emerging economies, Brazil is faced with the difficult task of sustaining rapid growth while curbing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating climate change. GHG Protocol is excited to assist the country—and others—in confronting these challenges. Keep an eye out for GHG Protocol’s continued work in Brazil. In the coming months, we’ll reveal the draft guidance for Brazil’s agricultural emissions and as well as case studies on the work in Sao Paulo.For more information, visit our website. For further questions or information about the projects and participation opportunities, please contact Stacy Kotorac, GHG Protocol Project Coordinator/Research Assistant, at Carlos Klink, Brazilian Secretary of Climate Change and Environmental Quality, also spoke at Sunday’s event, emphasizing the importance of the agriculture work to Brazil’s GHG reductions. Secretary Clink noted that the many standards and tools the GHG Protocol develops will provide a foundation for Brazilian companies, cities, and policymakers to track progress towards reducing emissions across many different sectors. In fact, the GHG Protocol has a long-standing presence in Brazil, rooted in collaboration with Brazilian companies and policymakers. This forum provided an opportunity to reflect on some of GHG Protocol’s successes in helping Brazil curb climate change.GHG Protocol’s History in Brazil:Making Brazilian companies become more sustainable: WRI’s GHG Protocol was initially launched in 1998, but it’s presence in Brazil began 10 years later with the GHG Protocol Brazil Program. This program was launched in May of 2008 through a collaborative effort between the, Brazil’s Ministry of Environment, the Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development, the Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV), the World Business Council on Sustainable Development, and WRI. Companies who join the program receive technical assistance from FGV in completing their GHG inventories and in establishing reduction targets. Over the past four years, the program has grown from 26 Brazilian companies to more than 90. Today, emissions reported by these member companies represent more than 20 percent of Brazil’s total emissions (excluding those from deforestation).Improving sustainability in Brazilian cities: Rio de Janeiro was the first city the GHG Protocol worked with in developing a city-wide GHG emissions inventory (prior to that, all inventories were at the corporate level) The experience is now influencing development of the Global Protocol for Community-Scale Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GPC), the first consistent standard for cities around the world to measure and report their GHG emissions. Brazil’s 2008 National Plan on Climate ChangeUnder this plan, Brazil has a voluntary national GHG reduction target of between 36.1% and 38.9% of projected emissions by 2020. The plan requires that approximately 16% of the emissions reductions to be achieved by 2020 (176 million tonnes CO2e) are realized by the agricultural sector. An additional 64% of the reductions are to be realized by decreases in the expansion of agriculture into the Amazonian and cerrado biomes. This past Sunday, WRI’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol team conducted a session at the Rio+20 event, “The Green Economy: Driving Business Value and Competitiveness.” The session included great dialogue between business leaders, policy makers, and WRI experts, and featured one very significant declaration: The British Ambassador to Brazil, Alan Charlton, announced GHG Protocol’s groundbreaking new work with Brazil’s agriculture sector. For the first time, GHG Protocol will develop a guidance that allows Brazilian companies and individual farms to measure, report, and manage greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture.Establishing a methodology to better manage Brazil’s agricultural emissions has enormous potential: Farming is currently responsible for 19 percent of the country’s total GHG emissions. Without adequate reductions, Brazil’s contribution to climate change will only grow, as the country’s agricultural production is forecasted to increase by more than 40 percent between 2010 and 2019 . Through its focus on specific agricultural and land use practices known to reduce GHG emissions and increase farm productivity, the GHG Protocol guidance will support the country in meeting emissions reduction targets. The British Embassy in Brazil is currently supporting this project, which will build off of the GHG Protocol Guidance for the Agriculture sector. This publication will be finalized in late 2012, and will be applicable to agriculture activities in diverse sectors globally. Direct Emissions: Emissions from sources that are owned or controlled by the reporting company, also known as scope 1 emissions. For governments, these are the emissions taking place within the community’s geopolitical boundary.Indirect Emissions: Emissions that are a consequence of the activities of the reporting company, but occur at sources owned or controlled by another company. These are scope 2 or scope 3 emissions. For governments, scope 2 emissions occur as a consequence of consumption, within the community’s geopolitical boundary, of grid-supplied electricity, heating and/or cooling. Scope 3 emissions are all other indirect emissions that occur as a result of activities within the community’s geopolitical boundary.last_img read more

New Tata Harrier TV campaign for IPL 2019 announced, to feature Fatima Sana Shaikh and Siddhant Chaturvedi

first_imgTata Motors has announced a television campaign comprising a mini-series of advertisements, which will showcase various aspects of the company’s recently launched Harrier SUV and feature Bollywood actors Fatima Sana Shaikh and Siddhant Chaturvedi.The TV campaign is based on ‘Love At First Drive’ theme and the advertisements will be played throughout the 2019 Indian Premier League (IPL) season, across the 21 channels (national and regional) of Star Sports network.”The first year of our association with the IPL proved to be a game changer for our much celebrated compact SUV Tata Nexon, which won many hearts and is now one of the leading players in its segment. We are confident that the 12th season of the IPL will be much bigger in terms of viewership and spectators at the stadiums. Through the ‘Love at First Drive’ campaign for Harrier, we want to capture the audience’s attention in a manner that is both clutter breaking and eye-catching,” said Vivek Srivatsa, Head – Marketing, Passenger Vehicles Business Unit, Tata Motors.”Furthermore, Siddhant and Fatima embody the spirit of the Harrier and lend their individual style and appeal to the campaign. We are confident that the TVCs will project the right imagery for the Harrier and will help the brand to capture the imagination of a billion plus audience, just like the IPL itself,” Srivatsa added.Tata Harrier is the official partner for the 2019 edition of the IPL. The sporting event commenced on March 23.As the official partner, Tata Harrier will be showcased across all the stadiums throughout the IPL, with exciting on-ground engagement plans and merchandise. There will be a Harrier Super Striker award wherein the best striker of the match will stand a chance to win a trophy along with a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh. Besides, the batsman with the highest strike-rate during the tournament will have a chance to drive home a Tata Harrier. Additionally, there will be a Harrier Fan Catch award of Rs 1 lakh for anyone taking a catch single-handedly. Harrier will be a part of the IPL Trophy tour, which is being planned across major Indian cities.advertisementTata Harrier was launched on January 23 at a starting price of Rs 12.69 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). The SUV is powered by a Kryotec 2.0-litre turbocharged diesel engine delivering 140 bhp and 350 Nm of torque. It comes with an Advanced Electronically Controlled Variable Geometry Turbocharger (eVGT). The engine is mated to a six-speed manual transmission.There are three drive modes in Tata Harrier – Eco, City and Sport. The SUV also gets three ESP terrain response modes – Normal, Rough and Wet. It is available in five colours – Calisto Copper, Thermisto Gold, Ariel Silver, Telesto Grey and Orcus White.ALSO READ | Tata Motors to increase prices of passenger vehicles by up to Rs 25,000 from April 2019ALSO READ | Avan Motors India launches ‘Trend E’ smart electric scooter, price starts at Rs 56,900ALSO READ | Royal Enfield announces formation of wholly-owned subsidiary in Thailandlast_img read more


first_imgThe new U-S Census estimate for Iowa’s 2016 population shows the state has grown by 208-thousand-369 since the 2000 Census.The population has grown by around 27-thousand in the last two years, which state Data Center coordinator Gary Krob says follows the pattern we’ve been in for nearly two decades.Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.OC….to grow” :08Most of the growth has come in the metro areas of the state.He says things remain on the positive side for the state when it comes to “natural change.”Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.OC…….previous decades” :16Krob doesn’t see many numbers that jump out from the latest estimates on state populations.Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.OC……..of interesting” :12Iowa remains ranked 30th in population with the 2016 estimate of three-million-134-thousand-693.Radio Iowalast_img read more

Three Questions: Melanie Weeden

first_imgIf you’re looking for the comments section, it has moved to our forum, The Chamber. You can go there to comment and holler about these articles, specifically in these threads. You can register for a free account right here and will need one to comment.If you’re wondering why we decided to do this, we wrote about that here. Thank you and cheers! Big thanks to Melanie Weeden taking some time out of her busy life to chat on Pistols Firing. You should follow her on Twitter if you aren’t already.1. You guys have been caught up in quite a whirlwind over the last few years. What was the non-football moment where you were like “whoa, I can’t believe this is my life now”?While Brandon was a collegiate athlete, he was busy with football and academics. I had a full-time career. We didn’t have much extra time or money. However, during the spring, I was able to quit my job, and we’ve been fortunate enough to go on some fun trips. e went to the Masters, spent time in Scottsdale, visited wine country, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, New York City, and now we’re in Cleveland! It’s been a crazy whirlwind! We enjoyed every minute of our time at Oklahoma State, and so far, we’re really enjoying Cleveland. We are lucky to have amazing family and friends who are supportive and genuinely care about us. We realize things are changing, but we will always remember where we came from and we’ll continue to appreciate the people and blessings in our lives. 2. Three favorite sports-related movies or tv shows?Happy Gilmore – a classic…I probably watched this movie thousands of times as a kid. I bet I could watch it right now and remember every line. It was one of the few movies my brother and I could agree on…so we watched it a lot. It probably saved the sanity of our parents on every road trip. A League of Their Own – I remember seeing this movie when it was in theaters…another childhood favorite.30 for 30 – these documentaries are interesting. I enjoy hearing about the great stories of sports history. 3. As the wife of an NFL player you have the ability to do a lot of things (travel places, help people, etc.) What’s the one thing you’re most excited about outside of football stuff in this next phase of your life?I am most excited about our partnership with Children’s Hospital of Oklahoma City. Shortly before the draft, Brandon and I pledged to become an endowed chair in the pediatric cardiac unit; our goal is to raise $1 million dollars.We were inspired by a family from Broken Arrow who we began a friendship with in 2007. The Kuykendall family (see video below) has a son who was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome. He was born at Children’s Hospital in OKC because they employed the only senior pediatric cardiac surgeon in the state who was seasoned enough to perform the series of three complex surgeries Gavin would need. Shortly after Gavin’s first surgery, the surgeon relocated to San Diego. Unfortunately, there is not another pediatric cardiac surgeon in Oklahoma who can handle complex cases like Gavin’s, so the Kuykendall’s have been faced with the financial burden of traveling to San Diego for Gavin’s remaining surgeries. The Kuykendall’s have been blessed with a strong support group in their family, friends and church. However, not all heart families have the resources to travel out of state for their child’s surgeries. The recruitment of a seasoned pediatric cardiac surgeon to Oklahoma is absolutely necessary, but it has been difficult for Children’s Hospital without the financial backing of an endowed chair. Brandon and I are committed to reaching our goal. We hosted our first annual golf tournament at Oak Tree National on July 23, 2012. We will continue hosting a golf tournament on an annual basis, and we will pursue other fundraising ventures until we reach our goal of raising $1 million dollars. This cause is dear to our hearts because of our friendship with the Kuykendall family. We think the world of Gavin; he and other heart families in Oklahoma deserve the best. I’m also excited about having the free time to do things like volunteer or give blood. I was driving in Cleveland yesterday and saw a sign for a Red Cross blood drive. Their sign said “urgent need”… so on a whim, I donated blood. I’m looking forward to becoming more involved in the community here.last_img read more

Top five random storylines of the OSU-TCU game

first_imgThis is the last game Desmond Roland didn't score a TD (USATSI)This is the last game Desmond Roland didn’t score a TD (USATSI)If nothing else, the 2014 season has been entertaining. We damn near beat Florida State, got entirely way too close to losing to Kansas and have begun questioning the sanity of our offensive coordinator. Throw in JW’s injury, the cannon Daxx has attached to his shoulder and the emergence of “The Freek,” and you’ve got a series of sub-plots surrounding every game.As we head into a matchup with no. 12 TCU, I’ve chosen to neglect the prominent storylines and instead focus on some of the random variety. While they may not be earth shattering, I find them to be very much like our season so far: entertaining.1. The StreakEntering Saturday’s game at TCU, the Cowboys have won eight straight against teams from the state of Texas. While the Horned Frogs are a 9 point favorite at home, they’re coming off of two emotionally draining weekends and may just be vulnerable enough to topple.It’s time to march into Amon G. Carter Stadium and make like Joseph Randle at a Dillard’s—go steal this one and keep the streak alive.2. One Win from Bowl Game EligibilityThis is old news around Stillwater at this point, but I grew up in an era of Cowboy football that could only dream of reaching bowl games on a consistent basis. With a win against the Frogs on Saturday, the Pokes become bowl eligible for the ninth straight season.If it weren’t for that darn 2005 campaign, this streak would be at 12 seasons with a win.3. No Loss to TCU in 22 YearsWhile the two teams have only played 24 times in their history, the Cowboys haven’t lost to TCU since 1992. OSU leads the all-time series 13-9-2, which includes last year’s 24-10 win at Boone Pickens Stadium. (Which was also the game Clint Chelf took over at QB for the remainder of the season.)4. Keep it RolandDesmond Roland enters Saturday with a streak of his own on the line, as he goes for 7 straight games with a touchdown. Although he missed the Missouri State game due to injury, he’s punched in seven scores so far on the season. The last time he suited up and didn’t score?November 23, 2013 against Baylor.5. Obligatory 2011 ReferenceWith a win on Saturday, the Pokes will start 4-0 in Big 12 play for only the second time since the Big 12 came into existence. The other time? The 2011 season in which the Cowboys finished 12-1, won the Big 12 title and went on to beat Andrew Luck in the Fiesta Bowl.Not saying this team has any similarities to that squad beyond this random fact, but any parallel we can draw to the best team we’ve ever had…we take that opportunity.Perhaps these will give you something to think about instead of focusing on the offensive line or, you know, why Tyreek isn’t getting the ball on every play.Probably not, though.Totally Tickets is your source for Oklahoma State football tickets. If you’re looking for the comments section, it has moved to our forum, The Chamber. You can go there to comment and holler about these articles, specifically in these threads. You can register for a free account right here and will need one to comment.If you’re wondering why we decided to do this, we wrote about that here. Thank you and cheers!last_img read more